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Wildest Patterns of 2021


The crunchy cream lo-fi funk samples of CAPE CORAL are irresistible. TELESEX555 is no exception. Sit back and let each block of acid-dipped vaporwave somersault down your ear holes.

WINDMILL - Knockout

Imagine long shafts of gold light flashing in sequence against a wall of glitter and you’ve got WINDMILL’s latest aptly-titled album, Knockout. It’s future funk that constantly vamps, hitting you in the face with delirious glee.

Lloyd’s House - We Could Be Friends

Cozy, autumnal slowcore that murmurs with warm chords, cathartic melancholia, and blanketed lo-fi production. A salve of existential surrender, congealed around deep golden brown guitar strums.

Cyter - Above the clouds

Chunky and lo-fi all over, Cyter’s short 3-track collection of chillsynth gems strike a delicate balance between yearning fantasy and star walk strut. There’s a wistfulness to the analog synth arrangements, each pattern pulsing out nostalgia and cosmic gratitude.

pinnacle mint - Vertigo

I’ve been loving all of pinnacle mint’s releases this year, it’s honestly hard to choose which is the best. I suppose I’ll go with Vertigo since it was the first thing I listened to. This is vhs pop of the highest order, a cornucopia of heavy beats and caramelized rnb samples. Add in a wealth of punchy stutter edits and you’re in for a real lit time.

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